What is Bleaching?
Tooth Whitening is a cosmetic solution, offered to people who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth. It's an oxygenation method that is used to bleach the teeth, that have changed color because of various reasons, or to lighten the personal color of the teeth a few shades.

The natural color of teeth darkens by the years due to external factors. By lightening the color 2-10 shades, satisfactory whitening and a beautiful smile are obtained with the whitening process that can be practiced at a clinic or at home.

The bleaching process must be applied under professional supervision.

There are 2 types of teeth staining;
Interior Staining:
The staining that penetrated into the teeth and cannot be removed by brushing.Structural damage, occurs during the formation of teeth (due to drugs or depending on excessive fluoride intake, etc...), is in this class. Bleaching is very successful at the majority of this type of cases.

Exterior Staining:
The staining that is caused by adhesive agents from some food, cigarettes, tea and/or coffee. Mostly, it is possible to get rid of these stains by plaque cleaning and professional brushing.

Different colorings require different treatments. Therefore, the correct way is to decide what type of an application should be chosen.

Things to Consider during the Bleaching Process;

  1. Carefully protecting the gums,
  2. Correct setting of the usage time and drug's concentration (Bleaching gels contain different proportions of carbamid.)

During or after the bleaching process, some people have a slight tenderness complaint. This sensitivity will disappear completely in 1-3 days. The important thing is to completely and accurately fulfill the requirements of the system. The whitening process is a very effective, harmless and the fastest aesthetic development method.

Teeth gets 8 times whiter in an hour.

Home Bleaching
Home bleaching is the whitening process by putting Carbamid Peroxide based gels into a personalized plastic gum shield-like nozzle, which is prepared according to a simple measurement of your mouth.

Desired whitening is maintained in an average of 5-7 days. Depending on the color and gel, it should be worn 4-8 hours per day.

Gels of various concentrations, which should be stored in refrigerators, are used. The usage can be interrupted after the first 3 days of continuous usage.

During this process, coloring agents (tea, coffee, cigarettes, wine, medical mouthwash) should be avoided as much as possible. This process cannot be compared with the systems that are sold in pharmacies.

Office Power Bleaching
It is performed in an hour at a clinic. It is the fastest, most reliable and most effective whitening system, that consists of whitening gel and light and which lightens the color of your teeth 6-8 shades.

How white are my teeth going to get?
The whitening of the teeth is primarily related to the initial color of the teeth. Yellow tone teeth can easily whiten 6-8 shades, while it is more difficult for teeth with green-gray tones.

In short, as well as your doctor will give you some approximate information about how white your teeth are going to get, the whitening amount varies from person to person.

What are the impacts to sensitive teeth?
Bleaching System is completely painless. Less than 10% of the patients feel a slight tingle or tenderness after the application. This happens to people with slight wearing or cracks in their teeth.

If there is excessive wearing, those areas might need to be covered with filling. Sensibility can be fixed with mild painkillers.

Up to 24 hours after the application, very hot or very cold drinks and food and adhesive agents like cigarettes, tea, coffee, coke and red wine should be avoided.

How long does it last?
The result with Bleaching System lasts a long term (2-5years). This period depends on you. Excessive smoking, tea-coffee-coke like colored food or drink consumptions affect this process.

Is the safe
The gel and the light, which are found as a result of years of researches, are completely reliable.