Zirconia Crowns and Laminate Veneer

Porcelain laminates are ideal solutions especially for the people who doesn't want their teeth to be cut so much or doesn't want to deal with orthodontic treatment but wants to have good looking teeth and a beautiful smile.

Porcelain laminates are porcelain leaves which adhesive to the front of teeth. It is one of the most conservative (protective) treatment. The removed tissue from the tooth for veneers is very little. Average of tissue to remove from tooth is 0,3-0,7 mm. Then veneers are prepared with the desired form and color and are pasted on teeth. They are very thin and do not contain metal so that reasons are very successful aesthetic.

Light goes through Laminate veneers,which is a unique ability so that veneers look like real teeth .With this feature, also at disco lights and flash they look like real teeth. In these light, the metal porselens seem as if they were black spots in the mouth.


Light transmittance varies depends on the porcelain and technique. Treatment process is short. At the first examination, an initial model is taken from the teeth before any operation. Mock up (rehearsal work) is made with a special material at the laboratory. Doctors and patients see how the teeth look like after operation on a 3 dimensional model. Then the teeth are prepared in a short and painless process.

Laminates need minimum preperation; they are not painted by such agents as cigarettes, tea, or coffee and they allow light to go through so that laminate veneers can not be distinguished from natural teeth. That's why they are today's the most ideal aesthetic treatment method.


Plastic temporary veneers that has the form and lenght you and your doctor decided are adhered. These temporary veneers protect your teeth until porselen veneers are ready.

Although porcelain veneers are very thin, they are extremely resistant to break after they are pasted. Bonding process occurs in a special way (bonding resin) and it is not possible to separate from the tooth laminate veneer after adhession. They just can be eroded away like natural teeth.