Smile Design

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Are you not satisfied about your smile?

Are you not satisfied about your smile?With computer aided three-dimentional(3D) impressions,images,photos and video recordings which can be taken just in ten minutes,you can have your smile design before any preparation made to your teeth.You can see your final restorations primarily accompanied with video recordings and decide by this way.

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Smile Design And Effects In Life

In contemporary society, people care about the appearance of their teeth, so that dental disorders in the color or shape can cause discomfort and even psychological problems.

Defects of materials, color and position can be resolved easily by the development of aesthetic dentistry.Smile Design undertakes very important function here.

What is Smile Design?

Smile design is renewing your special ideal smile by applying medicine and art together. It is planing smile by combining healty, naturalness and other individual requests.

Good Effects Of Smiling In Life

Beautiful teeth and healty gums give positive effects to one's life.People appear not only young and beautiful but also self-confident. It means, a nice "smile" can change your life.

Self-confidence, communication with the environment is increasing, and that brings success. In a dissonant smiling eyes immediately focus on the person's teeth.

Smile design is to renew your smile by applying medicine and art together.

Nothing can express the personality, energy and self confidence of a person as much as a healty and beautiful smile. Your smile is your confidence. Nowadays, dentists desing your smile according to your own features such as face shape and thooth shape.

The factors that determine aesthetic smile:

In smile design, the person's face shape, skin color, gender, lips, gums are important design elements.

For example if the person has long shape face, long teeth make him to be seen as if he had longer face. In this case by using square shape teeth, this person looks better. On the other hand using long shape teeth makes a fat patient look thinner.

Nothing can express the personality,energy and self confidence as much as a healty and beautiful smile.


o you see yourself elderly in the mirror? Your face change a lot with age, but you do not have to look old.

Today, many products and applications can allow you to look younger. (Anti-wrinkle creams, cosmetic supplies, skin stretching operations, etc.) But creating a younger smile make most atracttive effect.

If you look carefully, you will notice that your teeth are darker than your younger ages and your smile lost became sparkless during this time. Using cigarettes, tea, coffee, red wine for so many years and sometimes abrasion at enamel layer on your teeth make your smile become colorless.

If It's the only problem , a simple whitening process can create dramatic changes.

But usually whitening is not enough .Your smile can be made completely ideal with composite bondings, porcelain venees and crowns. With this change, people around you noticed something positively different about you. They think you've changed your hair, lost weight but they don't notice the difference about your teeth. Because the treatment is not only beautiful but also is also fully compatible with your face.

Another problem encountered with the age progresses, is getting closer of the tip of nose and chin so that 1/3 bottom of the face is shortened.

The bottom of the face is supported by the jaw bones and teeth. The height when you close your teeth (especially the posterior teeth), is very important for this support.

With age, Your jaw bone become thinner, teeth abrade, and this hight becomes shorter. As a result, you can not chew good enough and the soft tissue which determine your smile deteriorates.

Tooth abrasion is very common and becomes apparent after age of 40. Teeth will look bad, can not function properly and additionally begin to create problems in the jaw joints. Wrinkles start forming and the person would look older.

The solutions are laminate veneers and porcelain onleys which are include chewing surfaces. By using these methods, not only aesthetic become better and also 1/3 bottom of face become the ideal size.

Even the most beautiful teeth are not appear attractive if they are not framed by properly shaped and healty gums. The gums which are not aesthetic can be treated by minoroperations on gums.
Unhealthy gums:
Gums appear red, swollen and bright because of periodontal problems. They should be treated before the aesthetic dentistry.
Gummy Smile:
Some teeth may appear too long and root surface is exposed as a result of gingiva recession, the root surface is exposed. In this case, firstly gums are treated by gingival soft tissue grafts.
Gingival recession:
Some teeth may appear too long and root surface is exposed as a result of gingiva recession, the root surface is exposed. In this case, firstly gums are treated by gingival soft tissue grafts.
Formless gum edges:
The gums framing teeth may be too far below or above (gingival recession, defects because of tooth loss etc.)The gum shapes should be treated ideally before aesthetic procedures.
Gingival pigmentation:
There may be different color areas as result of any injuries or naturally. If they are at smile line , they should be destroyed.


ips make shape of our smile and they are very important. It can change completely the look that lip edges are up or down.

The best way is fixing the problems related with lips after correcting the teeth and jaw problems.