Porcelain Fillings

Filling is cleaning and restoration of the carious tooth with appropriate materials to compensate for the loss of the existing material.

It's possible to continue using the original tooth by a 'simple impression to prepare the missing parts out of porcelain instead of crowning the tooth.

Also, in the situations where carious tooth went lower than the gum level or there is a need to nail the tooth to the gum, patients are rewarded with a perfect teeth vision and function.

Porcelain fillings have perfectly bright surfaces because of being prepared and polished in the laboratories. High technology porcelains are used to prepare fillings, which can take 6 tons of pressure per square centimeters. There is absolutely no need to renew the filling ever.

IPS Porcelain (Leucide reinforced pressable porcelain) Fillings are the most suitable materials to the tooth tissue among all existing oral restoration materials.

The porcelain fillings, prepared in the laboratories, maintain superior aesthetics as well as the optimum level of contact with adjacent teeth. This comes as a result of the fillings being prepared in the laboratories, not in the mouth.

After getting rid of the fractures, caries or old fillings of the tooth, the remaining part is took impression and sent to the laboratory. In the laboratory environment, after the model, prepared with a highly sensitive technology, is transferred into the IPS machine, fillings with perfect aesthetics and functionality are obtained.

The porcelain is the most compatible material to the hardness of teeth and gum. Because the hardness of this porcelain is very close to the tooth's, it does not eat away like other porcelain or does not wear out like composite fillings.